Bienvenue au 1er festival de musique et danses swing à Aix en Provence !

6 international teachers in Aix en Provence

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Anna Rio

Anna learned dance in several professional schools of classical, jazz, contemporary and Afro-contemporary dance.
She discovered Lindy Hop more than 10 years ago and has devoted herself to it ever since.
Well known in the Swing world for her kindness and benevolence, Anna teaches, participates in the organization of the Toulouse swing scene and in the biggest international competitions.

Laia Puig Azagra

Ballet, contemporary, flamenco from 6 to 12 years old then ballroom dancing, Laïa turned to Lindy Hop at 19 when her parents took her to a swing concert.
A teacher attentive to her students working on their rhythm and actively participating, she works as much on her Lindy Hop as on solo jazz. His goal: to combine fun, rhythm and humor in his dance. Laia enjoys performing and competing in Lindy Hop or solo dancing: her track record includes wins at Snowball, ILHC and Lindy Shock

Jonatan Hedberg

Very athletic, Jonatan first started with gymnastics.
It's a representation of the "Harlem Hot Shots" which makes him completely a fan of Lindy Hop.

Since 2017, Jonatan lives in Toulouse where he trains and teaches with Anna. Jonatan shares his passion for Lindy hop locally, nationally and internationally at the biggest festivals.

Gustav Jakobsson

Gustav was pretty into sports when one day, his sister suggested he try Lindy Hop by going to Herräng (in Sweden): 1st lesson with: Frankie Manning!

Gustav's teaching focuses on rhythm and fluidity. He constantly works to improve his movements by practicing Solo Jazz and participates in competitions such as the International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, the European Swing Dance Championship and Snowball in Stockholm.

Chloé Bouc

Chloé comes from Brittany! She teaches Lindy Hop, Solo Charleston, Blues and Balboa.
Known for her great energy, her positive attitude, her creativity and her joy, she is a real social dancer.
His classes focus on creating a fun and balanced relationship between partners, and the ways this brings musicality, connection, technique, freedom to improvise and of expression

Peter Wishart

Peter lives to the rhythm of the music. He eats Lindy, he sleeps Lindy... He lives Lindy and runs everywhere and all the time to dance and teach on as many French or foreign stages as possible.

Social dancing, that's the only real thing! In class he gives without holding back.
The relationship between the dancers is at the heart of his teaching; exchange, relaxation, technique, and freedom of expression result from it