Bienvenue au 1er festival de musique et danses swing à Aix en Provence !


Aix en Provence, city of art & water

25 km from Marseille, between Montpellier and Nice

Aix is ​​the cultural center of the Provence region.
The city is 3h30 from Paris by high-speed train and 20 minutes from Marseille Provence international airport by shuttle bus

The local Lindy Hop scene has several hundred dancers in particular at Aixtraswing which makes your life swing all year round and often in the open air (with 300 days of sunshine a year, we won’t miss it!)

If you stay a few days there before or after the festival, you will have a wonderful time exploring the museums, galleries, picturesque streets and the history of our small town dating back to Roman times some 122 years BC!

Aix is ​​a magnificent city with its quality of life which attracts many tourists every year.

The city center is very compact, walking or cycling are the best ways to get around.

La manufacture

Main location of the festival, the manufacture is located in a former match factory, an industrial space rehabilitated in 1993.< /p>

This cultural facility of the City of Aix-en-Provence hosts the Spirit of Swing festival 1st edition: a magnificent setting in the city center 2min walk from the bus station and 5min from the city center .

Dance classes at the Manufacture on Saturday

Choose your accommodation near the Manufacture (Méjanes “Cité du livre”): most of the festival will take place in or near the amphitheater of the Manufacture (all concerts, Friday and Saturday evenings, entertainments, Saturday screening, several classes including beginner’s classes..)


The map below displays the 4 festival’s venues (zoom in to see details)

Zoom in on the map to see all the festival's venues

Les Floralies

Big 150m² room

3 Rue du Dr Lucien Cartotto, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Dancing classes : saturday and sunday

La Nativité

2 Big rooms of 170m² and 220m² 

School facility of La Nativité

8 Rue Jean Andreani

Sports complex of Bruno de Carmantrand

Dancing classes : saturday and sunday

CSC la Provence

10 Boulevard du Maréchal Juin, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

The large hall of the CSC La provence will host the Sunday dancing classes and the bye-bye party

Dancing classes: Sunday